On teaching a high school writing class:

I realize how inadequate I am when I attempt to teach this class. My vocabulary needs to be expanded. The difficulty comes mostly in the area of knowing how to write but not being able to explain it clearly. Hopefully this will improve with practice!
Rainy day in September! And the first day of Autumn. Couldn't have a better beginning!

I started my day doing my hour of prayer at church (prayer chain). I loved the time--all by myself to think, read my Bible and pray for others. Must do it more often.

Bethany has been on her meds for 9 days now. She has only had one seizure (on the second day) and doesn't appear to be having any side effects. Her disposition has been slowly improving this week. What a relief!

Sometimes it is too quiet here. I miss my older children running in and out of the house, but I'm glad they are where they are. Noelle is getting noisier--even more opinionated than usual.