I have still been cogitating about what to say concerning my Mother's death. I know she is in heaven. Even though we had our conflicts when I was young, she was an excellent woman. Hardworking, devoted wife, giving much more than was necessary, loving, caring--all that I would want to be and more than I could be. She suffered through two bouts of cancer. This third one she could no longer fight. She wanted to fight for Daddy's sake, but she couldn't. She loved Jesus and she was not afraid to go. I can't wait to see her again--glorified--with both her eyes again--tireless and without pain.

But I miss her now.
I'm not sure if I know anything yet.
I give advice. I think I know.
Maybe I pretend.
My old life is fondly remembered
My new life makes me feel encumbered.
I am old, but not old enough.
More years do not make me wise.
I must drink from the cup
of everlasting life.
I must drink from the cup of wisdom.
It is bitter and burns.
It is right.